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Trident Rescue, LLC

Our Founder & CEO, David Cruz, was a career firefighter paramedic for 23 years, and now volunteers with his local fire department. His passion for water-related activities and dedication to saving lives led to the founding of Trident Rescue, LLC in 1996. We are proud to be able to serve first responders and individuals all over the USA. We are a first responder family owned & operated small business specializing in water rescue training, equipment, and boats. One could say…Rescue is our business!

All of our courses meet or exceed NFPA 1006, 1983, and 1670 Standards for Technical Level Training, and integrate FEMA Standards for Position Qualification for Mass Search and Rescue Operations.


It is our mission to provide superior water rescue training and equipment that empowers rescuers. We strive for excellence and are dedicated to making sure first responders have the tools to get home safely.


We envision a world where our team of water rescue experts can educate and empower first responders to leverage knowledge, experience, and judgment to save more lives in and out of the water.


T: Teamwork 

R: Respect

I: Integrity

D: Dedication 

E: Empathy

N: Never stop innovating & training

T: Transparency

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