Jimmy Hubbard

Jimmy Hubbard



Hello! My name is Jimmy, and I am a firefighter with Shawnee Heights Fire District in Tecumseh, KS. I have been with the department for about 4 years now and it was my love of the water that first sparked my interest in becoming a firefighter. In my last year of 24+ years of serving my country in the US Army, I was looking for something to keep me busy when I heard about my department’s water rescue team. As an avid boater and diver, this was right up my alley. In my time at the fire department, I have also become a team leader for our water rescue and recovery team. I am also a CPR Instructor, and teaching is a passion of mine because I feel you can never stop learning enough. I also do local scuba dives for our county’s Parks & Recreation team to help them maintain up-and-coming waterway activities for our local lakes.

In my downtime, my wife and I run our own home business. I also love to spend time traveling with our son and daughter, going boating/skiing on the lake, or just being at home together with our kids and dogs. I have two great quotes I believe in: “Train to standard, not to time,” and “Train as you fight, fight as you train.”


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